Pip Hersee
I grew up in a little town called Bexhill-On-Sea, sometimes called “The Place That Time Forgot”, whilst having the famous, iconic, art deco, De La Warr Pavilion. Bexhill is nestled between the historical town of Hastings, with its well-loved, characterful, fishing industry and Eastbourne with its acclaimed Beachy Head and the well renowned Belle Toute Lighthouse.
I was fortunate to be able to enjoy the sea as my front garden and the beautiful, rolling, Sussex Downs as my back garden. I've always been the adventurous type. Preferring the outdoors, which was exciting to me. Everyday provided another opportunity to explore, discover, adventure. Many happy hours spent walking and playing with friends on the East Hill and West Hill of Hastings, holding similar memories for my paternal grandparents who were “Old-Towners”, having grown up in this old-town of Hastings.
I also loved (and still do) the excitement of taking risks climbing the cliff faces at Rock-A-Nore, often finding myself stranded, forgetting about the tide and that it was coming back in! Fortunately, I always seemed to find my way safely back one way or another. I guess I just feel at home when I'm in nature and it provides nourishment that I crave. I come from a creative family. My father, an artist and poet, my mother, a singer, yoga teacher and masseur, and my brother, an illustrator! Can you believe it? So I guess I was destined to feel the artistic, creative juices flowing through me. But, it wasn't photography that started me on the creative path, it was dance. I started dancing at the age of five and have continued ever since.
I trained with the Royal Ballet and pursued a professional career in Musical Theatre and Commercial Dance. As much as I loved my hobby, turned career, something was missing but I couldn't put my finger on it. It wasn't until I started travelling that I found that “missing piece”. The excitement I would get and still get from discovering new places and being able to capture the beauty of them on my camera is so fulfilling. Even if it's not necessarily travelling across the world but through a breath-taking sunrise or sunset across the sea or through woodland back home in East Sussex.
There's truly magic to be found around every corner, and I plan to capture and share as much of it as I can with you...

Thank you,

Pip Hersee